4 Things New Englanders Know To Be True

4 Things New Englanders Know To Be True

Published: March 24, 2017

Author: Zach

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The Yankees stink, Dunkin’ Donuts will always be better than Starbucks, and the beaches on the Cape beat Miami every time. Any questions?

The best museums are living history museums.

The Alamo has nothing on Old Sturbridge Village. It’s not the rest of the country’s fault that history is just more exciting when you are actually surrounded by the sights and sounds that were really there in colonial times! And no other region has New England beat in that department. From Coggeshall Farm to the Boston Tea Party ships, we New Englanders know to learn our history by living it.

Providence has its own vocabulary about food.

Order yourself a plate of stuffies with a cabinet to drink and some johnnycakes on the side. Confused yet? So are the rest of us New Englanders who haven’t spent much time in Rhode Island. The state’s seafood-heavy fare needs its own glossary apart from the rest of the region. By the way, “stuffies” are baked stuff clams, “johnnycakes” are corn meal pancakes, and a “cabinet” is a milkshake. Hungry yet? We may not speak English in Rhode Island, but we do eat well.

Beer isn’t so much a hobby as a way of life.

Too many New Englanders have tried ordering a ‘gansett in a dive bar while traveling and been met with puzzled looks. From the Sam Addams Brewery to Burlington Brew Tours in Vermont, this region has a taste for beer.

New England Maids is the best cleaning service in RI

Ah, Providence. Home of Brown University, the beautiful Water Fire festival, and New England Maids. New Englanders love city-hopping on the weekends between Providence and Boston and all the other hot spots of the region. While we’re out working and playing, New England Maids makes our homes into the stress-free, un-chaotic, zen spaces that our busy east coast lives will never be.

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